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 Photo courtesy of the Parramatta Sun

Lennox Bridge protesters standing in front of the 1836 bridge in Parramatta,

The DA/425/2012 and I feel that this is done to discourage anyone other than the people in the adjacent area near the bridge not to put in a submission objecting to the proposal. Historians this is a bigger issue than just the few people who live around the bridge, we believe that this is an Australian Icon, we have not much Heritage left in Parramatta, and this is the fourth time that the community has fought for the retention of the bridge in the past century. The argument being used now is the widening of the bridge in the 1930’s, next they will want to pull it down because the Eastern Side has been defaced and the bridge weakened by putting portals through. Leave our Heritage Alone; find another way to get bicycles and pedestrians to the other side.

Please put your submissions in before 4.30pm on Monday 3 September 2012 to Parramatta City Council to

Bradley Delapierre, Development Officer PO Box 32 Parramatta NSW 2124, but also to the Heritage Office Parramatta, 3 Marist Place Parramatta NSW 2150.

This is important for our heritage please help, send the information to your networks.







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