Alexander Forrest Anderson

A F Anderson -Funeral Parlour.

Alexander Forrest Anderson appears to have started as a funeral director and undertaker in the 1940’s he was listed on the church registers[1] of his children’s marriages in 1935, 1937 and 1945 as being in the funeral business. His address was listed as 93 Good Street, Granville from 1925 until 1930 as a grocer, he moved in 1931 to 113 Good Street Granville. 

According to oral history at the time of writing this history of the firm he conducted the funeral parlours at 21 South Street, Granville, and the family lived upstairs in the Young Buildings which was adjacent to number twenty one. This was verified from another person who worked as a paper boy across the road at Gapes Newsagent.  

A sign on the building at 101 South Street, Granville stated that the firm was established in 1947. Alexander Forrest Anderson built the building with a chapel on the right side of the building which held one hundred people with an office on the left and living quarters at the rear. Careful research has revealed that Alexander Anderson sold the firm to Raymond Michael Bowcock a building contractor from Burwood who bought it in 1949.  

The firm appears to have been run under management since it was purchased by Bowcock in 1949 until it was sold to Chase Manhattan Bank in 1984. Joseph Benjamin Patrick Cummins managed the firm from 1960 until 1980, assisted by his son Patrick Cummins. Benjamin and his family, daughter Janine and son Peter lived on the premises of 101 South Street in a flat attached to the premises. His wife Vera Doreen Cummins used to clean the funeral parlour  

The Parramatta Advertiser ran a story of the purchase of a 66 year old hearse which is uniquely the only one of it’s kind in Australia. The vehicle was brought as a Graham Bros engine and chassis from Sydney agent in 1924 by a funeral company in Parkes. The Patterson Bros were skilled cabinet makers and wanted to design a hearse. They fashioned the body out of wood, bolted it to the chassis and added etched glasswork. Mr Ross McIntosh manager of A F Anderson was proud of the new acquisition. When Guardian Funerals too over the business at 101 South Street, Granville.

Funeral Plans A. F. Anderson Castlebrook Crematorium A-W 1977-1986 

Funerals Plans A.F. Anderson Castlebrook Cemetery A-W 1966-1991

Funeral Plans A. F. Anderson Rookwood -Funerals. 

Funeral Plans A.F. Anderson Funerals - Rookwood- Cremations  A-W 1954-1985

Funeral Plans A. F. Anderson Funerals - North Rocks Catholic Cemetery A-T 1954-1987

Funeral Plans A. F. Anderson Funerals -