Workers of Hudson Brothers

Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson the Australian Poet also worked at Hudson Brothers, in 1883, his parent's marriage ended and Louisa Lawson moved to Sydney to find work. Joining her, Henry took a job as a carriage painter with Hudson Brothers at Clyde, near Granville, studying for his matriculation at night. Again, he found juggling full-time work and group study difficult, and failed his university entrance exams several times. Henry's mother was Louisa was born on 17 February 1848 at Guntawang Station near Gulgong, New South Wales, the daughter of Henry Albury and Harriet Winn.  

Louisa was the second of 12 children in a struggling family, and like many girls at that time left school at 13. On 7 July 1866 aged 18 she married Niels Larsen (Peter Lawson), a Norwegian sailor, at the Methodist parsonage at Mudgee, New South Wales.  Peter was often away gold mining or working with his father-in-law, leaving her on her own to raise four children – Henry 1867, Charles 1869,

Peter 1873 and Gertrude 1877, the twin of Tegan who died at eight months. Louisa grieved over the loss of Tegan for many years and left the care of her other children to the oldest child, Henry. This led to ill feelings on Henry's part towards his mother and the two often fought. In 1882 she and her children moved to Sydney where she managed boarding houses. (Further Information Australian Dictionary Biography) Hence how Henry was working at Hudson Brothers.

Bertha Marie Louise Bredt (1876-1957), daughter of Bertha McNamara. After a brief and, on Lawson's part, characteristically intense and impulsive courtship, they were married on 15 April 1896. 

Bertha Marie Louise Bredt was the sister Hilda Emile Bredt the wife of Jack Lang Member for Granville.

Below photograph is the Post Office and store at Eurunderee, also know as Pipeclay, near Mudgee, New South Wales, where the Lawson's resided Louisa Lawson in front.

In the Town and Country Journal 2 June 1888 was this entry about the newspaper that Louisa printed. 


This is the name of a new monthly periodical published in Sydney, and purporting to be written by women for women. In other words it is, according  journal and mouthpiece. Dora Falconer is the editor, and Louisa Lawson the publisher. The paper is well and clearly printed, and contains a good deal of miscellaneous information and original articles which ought to recommend it to favorable notice of its fair readers.   Louisa Lawson Obituary. 1920.

This map is part of a submission to the Department of Education for the establishment of a provisional school at Eurunderee in 1876.

The property of Peter Lawson on Gulgong Road is next to the school. Louisa would have been living on this block in 1876 and several of her children are listed in the submission. State Records NSW.

Henry Lawson died in 1922 and is buried at Waverley Cemetery, Bronte New South Wales. Photograph State Library of New South Wales.