A Tribute to Betty Higginson nee Dawes

 Betty was born to a proud Granville Family, The Dawes Family. Her father Louis (Bert)   Dawes  purchased the block of land at 17 Bowden Street, Granville in 1927, the building  commenced  the same year, the builder being Arthur Brown who had a business in  Parramatta.  Bert  &  Lily  Dawes moved into the house in May 1928 where they  raised  their family. Bert  worked for the Harris Park Bakery, delivering bread in the local area. Bert passed away in   1979, the home remained in the family until Lily passed away in 1989.


 Betty was born 01/12/1928. She had one step-brother, Alfred and one step-sister, Annie. Betty attended the Rosehill Public School starting in 1934. She was working as a  telegram delivery girl in 1948 where she met her future husband, Edward Higginson in 1949. Edward died in 1984. Betty and Edward had one child Dennis Higginson. Betty came to the society to research her family history, she liked it so much she joined.  

The Granville Historical Society will miss Betty terribly, her contribution to the members and the Society as a whole will be missed, she bought cakes and cards for members birthdays, get well cards when members were ill ( but refused reimbursement), she bought history books for the society and the same condition applied, she bought scarves for me, custard tarts for Barry, she got my morning and afternoon tea and my lunch and washed up after everyone, her organisation of afternoon teas for the monthly meetings was always efficient and with careful attention to detail, Betty even organised the ordering for the kitchen and bathroom and kept the kitchen spotless.  

The World will be poorer for her passing, her knowledge of the people in the Granville area, the history of the area as well, she would contribute knowledge to people who visited for information on their family, and was always willing to lend a hand in anything that the Society was involved in.  She was a proud member of the society and a proud ex-Granville resident. 

Her organisation for the Metcalfe and Morris Funeral plans, every Wednesday, was so good we have now got 4 large cabinets of files completed, all in date order by the firms involved, each with a number and an alphabetical list in the front, this list was given to John Scarborough who then put it into a spreadsheet which in turn was turned into a PDF file to mount on our website. She has allowed us to answer the many queries from Guardian Funerals who have many family history inquiries due to them now owning the business

She was also an accomplished operator of the photo-copier - most of the information that was loaned to us was copied by Betty. I didn't know her as a young woman, but at 84 she was a force to be reckoned with, a power of energy, knowledge and fire. She attended many of the events we were involved in, always by public transport. Betty also contributed to the society as a member of the committee who formulated the plans that the society use as their forward planning.

Betty is remembered by her family and friends, especially from the Granville Historical Society members. 

The Jacaranda background was a very precious memory for Betty.

Betty passed away at 12.30pm on Saturday 7th December 2013.