Granville Historical Society Inc Campaign to Save the Parramatta Bridge

The Society fought to save the Parramatta Bridge from Parramatta  in 2011, Council had plans to put portals in the bridge abutments close to the centre arch, to allow pedestrians, and bicycle riders to assess the river up to Parramatta Park along the river.

"Statement of Significance" of main facts about Lennox Bridge, Parramatta:

1. David Lennox is very significant; he designed the oldest 3 extant stone bridges in mainland Colonial NSW Australia.

2. The oldest "Lennox Bridge" completed 1833 is in the Blue Mountains near Lapstone (Glenbrook).

3. The other 2 are in the Parramatta Region, Church Street Started in November 1836 and completed in 1839.

4. The Lansdowne Bridge completed and opened in 1836.

5. They were all designed by Lennox and built with convict labour.

6. All were well designed to fit into and be an integral part of their unique river landscape settings.

7. Although there have been some modification to the bridges over the ages they are still very significant.

8. A large portion of their original fabric is still intact and in-situ

9. The building of these strong bridges allowed expansion of the colony

Prepared by Bruce Michael Edgar FRSA


Parramatta City Council at the meeting held on 11 December 2012 resolved to put portals through the original fabric of the 1836 Lennox Bridge at Church Street, Parramatta, built by convicts. In May 2012 the Heritage Council of NSW denied the request from Parramatta City Council to put portals into the original fabric. The resolution was to tell Parramatta City Council to explore alternatives. This was not done, but a second application was presented to the Heritage Council of NSW with a slight alteration which put the portals further away from the arch, but due to a change of Chairman and committee, the original resolution of alternative ways without entering the original fabric was not taken into account.

 There was no member of the National Trust or Heritage Representative on the committee, and two people declaring percuniary interests, five people voted to allow the portals to go ahead, despite not having a Heritage Engineers Report to determine the outcome of this decision and treating the Heritage Assessment Report prepared by their own Heritage Office and signed by the Director Petula Samios which said that it was not recomended.

The committee should have had a representative to speak for the negative, this went against the Committee Code of Practice on the Heritage Council Website, they also discarded the Conservation Report from the Roads and Maritime Service that states that the Lennox Bridge Parramatta is a rare example of nineteenth century engineering architecture. SAVE THE LENNOX BRIDGE BY  writing to Lawrence Neild chairman, 3 Marist Place, Parramatta NSW, this campaign received wide ranging support from the Parramatta Community see story

Parramatta City Council, was city Manager Mr Lang, Civic Place, Parramatta NSW 2150 

 The River in Flood 1988