Granville History

Geographical boundaries

Granville covers the suburbs of Clyde, Camellia, Harris Park, Rose Hill, Guildford, Merrylands, from Alice Street Granville in the north, south to the Pipe Line near Chesterhill west to the railway line at Merrylands and east to Duck River.  

About Traditional owners

The Granville area has been occupied by the Burramattagal people, a clan of Darug speaking people, who lived along the upper reaches of the Parramatta River. Barramattagal is thought to be derived from the Aboriginal word "place where the eels lie down".

Exploration & Settlement

Captin Hunter made a trip to Granville in the closing days of January 1788 but due to dense undergrowth on Duck River he returned from whence he came. Granville started to prosper in 1855 with the arrival of the First Train


Foundation -

Granville was named after the Earl of Granville George Leveson Gower


 The Society will conduct a photographic exhibition in the Granville Town Hall 18th January 2012.



Granville Rail Disaster

18 January 1977

Eighty three people perished when the 6.09am from Mt Victoria derailed and smashed into Granville's 170 tonne Bold Street Bridge, which crashed on to the train's third and fourth carriages.

May they rest in peace

Ball Eric
Bent Henry
Black Stephen
Brennan Anthony
Brown Alda
Brown Margaret
Cain Kathy
Carr Mary
Carter Lynette
Charlton Jeffrey
Clayton Jill
Clements Amanda
Clements Rosa
Coburn Phillip
Cormack Peter
Cranfield Halwyn
Cullen Peter
Douwer Michael
Dunn Margaret
Dykman Carl
Ellem Christopher

Fisher James
Fripp Suzanne
Fulton Alan
Gemmell William
Gordon Brian
Gosden Dianne
Halverson Beryl
Halverson Rodney
Hutchison Cheryl
Johnston Graeme
Jones John
Jones Stephen
Keen Karen
Knight Bryan
Krzyszton Marina
Larkin Angela
Leech Rosemary
Lopez Christopher
Lyons Michael
Maes Kenneth
Maroney Carolyne

Metcalf Deborah
Miles Marjorie
Miles Walter
Mincarelli Zarb
Mitchell Leslie
Morris Campbell
Morris William
Murphy Darcy
Murphy Gladys
Naggar Ariette
Parsons Christopher
Pearson David
Pearson Josephine
Pederson Bruce
Post Jan
Power Jill
Prior Lynette
Quayle John
Radford Elvie
Radnedge Vivienne
Ricketts Marie

Sharp Louise
Simaan Amir
Simpson Denald
Smith Esther
Sollom Julia
Sollom Robert
Spicer Kevin
Spinks Margaret
Stewart Graham
Styles Linda
Sulter Robert
Tarrant Robert
Veevers John
Walker Milton
Walker Suzanne
Ward Elizabeth
Ward Rosemary
Watts David
Williams Francis
Williams Teenie

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Harris Park




Leslie Bale

Charles Hopton