To celebrate our 25th Anniversay on the 26th January 2013 the members of the Granville Historical Society decided to add to the website a selection of funeral plans for Metcalfe & Morris that we have been indexing for the past five years. It is a long and slow but interesting project. We provide this resource for the many historians and family historians who need this information. The folio number refers to a page that contains details of name, date of death, date of funeral and page or folio number, upon application to the society by email you will be sent a scan of the file that you are interested in. At the moment the members have completed 72 lever arch binders. More will be added upon completion. This project is supported by Parramatta City Council and also Guardian Funerals. 

Charles Innes 1959-1960            

Metcalfe & Morris 1956-1984 

Metcalfe & Morris 1997-2000  

Metcalfe & Morris 2003-2007 part 

W H Timmins 1968 and 1977 part  

W H Timmins 1988-1999