Granville Historical Society supports the campaign to dedicate the Parramatta Female Factory as a national heritage tourism and cultural destination as well as the Old Kings School and the Catholic Orphange as a Museum

Where is the Parramatta Female Factory?


The Factoryis located in Fleet Street, Parramatta, NSW Australia and was once the principal destination of all unassigned convict women transported to the colony of New South Wales.


What does it include?


The historic institutions of the Factory are made up of two adjoining sites


Parramatta Female Factory (1821 -1847)

  • Lunatic & Invalid Asylum (now Cumberland Hospital) 1847 onwards

 Roman Catholic Orphan School (1844 - 1886)

  • Girls Industrial School - Parramatta Girls Home (1887 -1974)
  • Kamballa & Taldree Children's Shelter (1974 - 1983)

Who started the campaign to save the Precinct?

The campaign to save the site and have it designated as a national heritage tourism and cultural destination was launched by the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct Assoc (parragirls) in 2007 as a project to raise awareness and provide information about the site; and to engage individuals and communities in calling for the site's designation. Another group the Parramatta Female Factory Action Group started in December 2010 to assist with promoting the site as a Cultural & Heritage area for all Australians.

Why we support the campaign. 

The Parramatta Female Factory is the only historic site on mainland Australia which gives representation to the history and experiences of convict women and institutionalised children dating back to the first half of the 19th century.

It predates comparative sites including the Cascades Female Factory in Tasmania; Cockatoo Island; Port Arthur; and Fremantle Prison - all of which are included on the World Heritage list and are open and accessible to the public as national heritage sites.

The Parramatta Female Factory Precinct has not yet received the recognition it deserves as a national heritage tourism site open and accessible to all Australians.

We believe that the Precinct's designation can enlighten our past and enrich our understandings of what it means to be an Australian.

The Old Kings School

The former King's School Parramatta occupied the sitefrom 1836 until 1964. It was the first large public boarding school run by the Anglican Church to provide secondary education which was established in the colony of New South Wales. The stonework of the original 1830s school building and the eastern wing is the evidence of the relatively high level skills of the Scottish artisans who were brought to Australia following the depression in the British construction industry in the 1820s. Today in 2011many of the buildings have been left to the elements and it is a matter of demolition by decay. A group called the Save the old King School is mounting a campaign to create an Arts Precint if you support this project visit the site at.


 Parramatta Gaol

The Parramatta Gaol has a varied and rich history, the URL for the Dictionary of Sydney is



Get Involved

Granville Historical Society encourages other historical society's, family history groups and others interested in history and heritage to engage in the campaign.

For Groups and Organisations

In promoting the campaign to save the Precinct we encourage you to contact us or the for information and images to be displayed on your website and in your newsletters. For further information:


Please write to the Premier calling for the Parramatta Female Factory, The Old Kings School and the Norma Parker Centre (formerly Catholic Orphange)to be designated as a cultural, heritage tourism destination open and accessible to all Australians.

Contact the Premier of NSW

 or download the petition here.

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Parramatta Female Factory

Roman Catholic Orphanage

The Old Kings School

Parramatta Gaol