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We have a number of PowerPoint presentations which can be shown for local schools, organisations and groups. These presentations are about the Borough of Granville and the history of the people, places, religion, commerce, sport and other topics relating to the district. 

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 "From Forest to Factory"
A presentation of photographs that can be modified to suit schools goes for 3/4 hour to 1 hour and is the history to 1920 with a little of the modern history included. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM

"Shuttleworth Family from Gawthorpe to Granville"
An hour of photographs and history of the Shuttleworth family from early 1200's to the present time. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM

"Reverend Henry Fulton, Pioneer, Clergyman,Magistrate & Teacher"
An hour of photographs that takes you from the Irish Rebellion in 1798 until his death in 1840, his life in Ireland, Norfolk Island and Australia. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM

"Scottish Immigration from The Thistle to the Wattle"
An hour presentation of photographs depicting the history of Scottish Immigration into the Parramatta and Granville areas, covering the history of the Scottish people such as Governor Macquarie, John Hay Goodlet, James Houison, Thomas Irons, David Lennox, and other less known people in the area. Hudson Brothers, Colquhoun, and other manufacturers and business in the area. Speaker Barry G Bullivant OAM

Victory in the Pacific
A display of photographs and images showing the effect of the war in Australia particularly in the suburb of Granville 45 minutes in length Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM

The Gazzards from Granville and Parramatta
A display of photographs which trace their lives from England to Australia and their work, lives and community involvement talk takes approximately one hour. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM

The Lady Bushranger - Jessie Hickman

The story of Elizabeth Jessie Hickman who was born in Burraga NSW, after joining the circus, her life turned to crime after her common law husband died, she turned to a life of crime in the Granville & Guildfords area, serving time in gaol for her crimes she fled to the mountains. Approximatley one hour. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM

River Reflections

The story of Parramatta River and its tributaries, Duck River, Duck Creek, Abeckett's Creek, Clay Cliff Creek, Toongabbie Creek, the businesses, the people and their history. Aproximately one hour. Speakers Barry Bullivant OAM

Down Memory Lane

A presentation of photographs that takes you to the 1940's do you remember the good old days, remember the out back toilet, the clothes prop man and the rabbitto, lasts about one hour. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM 

Tale of a Dignified Profession

A presentation the tells the story of some of the history of the funeral industry, photos of early Parramatta undertakers, cemeteries and monumental stone masons Approximately one hour Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM.

The Aboriginal Contribution to Australia

A story tracing the early tribal traditions, customs, paintings, the struggle to have their contribution recognised for living and sharing Australian values form the early colonial settlement to the present day Approximately on hour Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM.

A Journey with David Lennox-First Master Bridge Builder to Australia

A tale of the master stone mason and bridge builder from his life in Scotland, England and Wales, his life in Australia, his work in Parramatta, NSW and Victoria. Approximately on hour. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM.

A Walk on the North Side

A tour of the buildings and history in North Granville, covering Rosehill, Harris Park, photos and stories of the people who settled this area. Approximately one hour. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM.

Parramatta The Cradle City.

Covers the first ten governors who lived in Old Government House, a tour of the Park, the Female Factory Precinct, walking through the history of Early Parramatta. Approximately one hour. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM.

History of the Granville Historical Society.

The story of the society and the work of members over the 25 years since the societies inception in 1988. Approximately one hour. Speaker Barry Bullivant OAM.

Demolished Houses of NSW by Progress, Greed and decay.

The story shows the some of the grand houses, buildings and the not so grand in Sydney, North Shore, Parramatta and surrounds, finishing with some of the unique sites from Parramatta that still remain. Approximately one hour. Speaker Barry G Bullivant OAM.

Early History of the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum.

The story of the history of the Parramatta Asylum which took over the site of the Female Factory, approximately one hour Speaker Dr Terrence Smith Ph.D 

Fleet Street Parramatta, Heritage Precinct.

The Story of the Parramatta Female Factory and the journey of  some the women who passed through the factory. Approximately one hour Barry G Bullivant OAM

Growing Up And Living in Cumberland Council Area 1934-2018.

The story of life in the Cumberland Council after the amalgamation in 2016, life and times, the people, the cinemas, touching on the "Great Depression" as seen through the eyes of Barry G Bullivant OAM. Approximately one hour Barry G Bullivant OAM.




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