Granville and Vietnam

Granville is the home of the Vietnam Veterans of Australia New South Wales Branch, their headquarters in Granville is in the old bank building 8 Mary Street, Granville.

In February 1995 the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, New South Wales Branch voted to leave the National Association at a meeting held at Granville. VVAA members can only speculate on the full reasons for this move, and if an explanation is sought, it should be obtained from what is now the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, based out of Granville.

This group serves the men and women who served in all wars, they serve the community of NSW, their reputation for action on behalf of all veterans are to be commended.

Two men from Granville have emerged in the focus of returning the remains of soldiers buried overseas, he was Mervyn Arthur Frederick Wilson who is now buried in Rookwood Cemetery and with the 50th Anniversary of Long Tan a miracle that Phillip Charles Norris who was wounded on the eve of Long Tan was found many years after the event.

Mervyn Arthur Frederick Wilson - Click name for story.  A dedicated researcher has researched Mervyn here is the site for your interest

Video of Ho Bo Woods.

The Granville Memorial Granville Diggers.